Welcome Oregon Firefighters!


DFDFCU would like to introduce what the FFNWFC is and welcome Oregon firefighters into our membership!

The Firefighters Northwest Financial Corporation (FFNWFC) is an Oregon nonprofit mutual benefit corporation devoted to improving the well-being of, and creating financial opportunities for, firefighters in the Pacific Northwest.

The FFNWFC will deliver on its purpose through the raising of funds that will be appropriated directly to the benefit of firefighters in the Pacific Northwest. The FFNWFC is overseen by a board of directors comprised of members of Oregon IAFF Locals.

The FFNWFC would like to thank DFDFCU for its commitment and dedication to firefighters in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest. DFDFCU has committed to providing monthly contributions to the Financial Corporation through its Firefighter VISA® program.

When firefighters use their Local’s or their personal DFDFCU Firefighter VISA®, a portion of the income earned will contributed directly to the FFNWFC. A similar program with DFDFCU and the CPFF Foundation has raised over half a million dollars to benefit firefighters in the State of Colorado.

The individuals currently representing firefighters on the FFNWFC Board include:
Nicholas Grice – IAFF Local 314                         Ben Rolicheck – IAFF Local 1159
Dallas Haynes – IAFF Local 1660                       Jacob Domeyer – IAFF Local 43

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