Personal Loans

Signature Loans

A signature loan is an unsecured loan that only requires your signature without further collateral. Signature loans can be used for financing larger purchases, unexpected expenses, or debt consolidations. DFDFCU offers signature loans with competitive fixed rates and loan terms from 1 to 4 years.

Risk-based pricing and standard credit qualifications apply. All loans are subject to final credit approval.

*A Loan of $10000.00 at 9.59% APR**for 36 months will have a payment of $320.75 per month.  APR= Annual Percentage Rate

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Overdraft Line of Credit

The Overdraft Line of Credit is an unsecured line of credit that is linked to your checking account. If ever a transaction will overdraw your checking account, the overdraft line of credit is advanced to cover the transaction and protects you from being charged NSF fees and return item fees. Payments are due monthly when there is an outstanding balance on the loan.

Risk-based pricing and standard credit qualifications apply. All loans are subject to final credit approval.

Auto Loans

In the market for a new or used vehicle? DFDFCU is here to help every step of the way, whether you’re ready to buy or just beginning your search.

Bring Your Auto Loan Home 

Bring your new or used titled vehicle to us and receive $295 and a lowered interest rate. DFDFCU is your credit union and we want to help you save money by reducing your current interest rate by .25% APR*!

5 Reasons to Bring Your Auto Loan Home!

  1. You'll lower your interest rate.
  2. You'll lower your monthly payment. 
  3. There are no hidden fees, hidden charges, or prepayment penalties.
  4. You will receive $295 automatically into your DFDFCU account!*
  5. We're exclusive - we ONLY serve professional firefighters and their families. 
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate .25% APR off “current confirmed rate” will be honored down to the current floor rate. Contact a Personal Banker to find out the current floor rates for this offer. The current rate must be confirmed through payoff documentation from your other financial institution. An 84-month term will incur a 0.50% APR increase. To qualify for the $295 cash back offer, members must transfer a non-delinquent new or used titled vehicle to DFDFCU from a different financial institution. A credit report on all borrowers will be obtained in connection with this loan offer. $295 will be transferred into your DFDFCU account after the loan closes. $295 may be reported as other income on a 1099 for the account owner. Titled vehicles include new and used autos, motorcycles, RV's, motor homes, and travel trailers. We do not lend on salvage or rebuilt titles. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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New Vehicle Loans

  • Financing available up to 120% of the cash purchase price at very competitive rates
  • Full financing available for those who qualify
  • Terms available up to 84 months
  • Refinance options are available

Risk-based lending rates apply and a credit application is required

Used Vehicle Loans

  • We will finance up to 115% of the NADA value at very competitive pricing
  • Terms available up to 84 months
  • Refinance options are available

Risk-based lending rates apply and a credit application is required

*An auto loan of $35,000.00 at 6.49% APR* for 72 months will have a monthly payment of $588.18. APR= Annual Percentage Rate

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If your vehicle is stolen or damaged and deemed a total loss, you are responsible to pay the difference between what you owe and what your insurance company says your vehicle is worth. GAP PLUS can help cover that difference and potentially save you thousands of dollars!

Your loan/lease payoff: $20,000
Vehicle value determined by primary insurance: -$16,000
Primary insurance deductible: -$500*
Your responsibility without GAP PLUS: $4,500
GAP PLUS will help cover: $4,500*
You owe after GAP PLUS*: $0

Plus, receive an additional benefit of a $1,000 deduction toward your next vehicle loan if financed within 90 days of the GAP claim settlement.

*Subject to certain exclusions and benefit limitations. Please refer to your GAP Addendum or Certificate for all terms and conditions. GAP PLUS feature is not available in all states.

Route 66 Warranty


Be ready for the unexpected and ensure you’re covered in the event a mechanical breakdown occurs. With Mechanical Breakdown Protection from Route 66 Warranty, you can rest easy knowing you are covered.

Route 66 Warranty’s Mechanical Breakdown Protection Plans are available for both new and pre-owned vehicles, and coverage is transferable if you sell your vehicle before your agreement expires providing added resale value.

If your car is declared a total loss by the insurance company due to collision or act of God, Route 66 Warranty will refund the entire original premium of your service agreement.


Credit Union Auto Buying Service

Would you like help to locate the exact vehicle that you’re looking for? Would you like a new, refreshing, no-pressure way to find your next car? Credit Union Auto Buying Service is DFDFCU’s preferred auto buying service. Their consultants will help you:

  • Locate new or pre-owned vehicles and motorcycles
  • Negotiate the price with the dealer or auction
  • Arrange test drives and deliver the vehicle to you
  • Make all the arrangements to process your loan at the dealer or DFDFCU

Credit Union Auto Buying Service can also help you save money by:

  • Providing you with vehicles to purchase after negotiating excellent pricing
  • Tracking all current manufacturers’ rebates and incentives that they can pass onto you
  • Not charging dealer delivery or handling fees when you purchase a vehicle directly from CU Auto Buying Service

Credit Union Auto Buying Services Logo

You can contact DFDFCU’s Service Specialist, Bryan Barnes, by calling (720) 291-0227 or email Bryan at

Recreational Vehicles

We live in Colorado to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Let DFDFCU help you enjoy it more with a new motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or RV (motorhome, pop up, 5th wheel). DFDFCU offers great rates and terms so you have a little more to fill up the gas tank.

Our recreational vehicle loans were created to help you by:

  • Loan to values approved up to 110%
  • Great rates with financing options up to 180 months, depending on the collateral.

* Risk-based lending rates apply and a credit application is required. Standard credit qualifications apply. All loans are subject to final credit approval. Any rates disclosed regarding any loan product with DFDFCU are disclosed in APR – Annual Percentage Rate. 
**A loan of $35000.00 at 6.49% APR for 72 months will have a monthly payment of 588.18. 

Credit Cards

Check Rates

No Annual Fee, no balance transfer fees, plus great rates make the DFDFCU card a no-brainer for our members. We also donate a percentage of our Credit Card merchant interchange income to The Colorado Professional Firefighter Foundation (CPFF) that supports firefighters and their families.

So, the more members that use the credit card to make their purchases, the more DFDFCU will donate to the foundation. Based on our member’s credit card usage, we have donated over $511,000.

DFDFCU believes in the practice of building strong financial management and recommends that you pay off your balances monthly to avoid interest and getting caught in the credit card debt trap.

DFDFCU offers rewards and non-rewards card options to our members:

  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fees
  • The 25-day grace period on purchases
  • ATM and cash advance options
  • Rewards (when rewards card selected at the time of application)

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms provided are estimates. Best Rate may vary based on personal credit history and other factors. Individual credit details are provided by DFDFCU upon approval of a completed loan application. Rates are subject to change without notice. DFDFCU credit cards are variable rate credit cards and vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. DFDFCU membership is required.
Want more information? Check out our Credit Card Disclosure.

Apple Pay

You can use your DFDFCU credit card with Apple Pay at a variety of merchants in stores, within apps, and online. Apple Pay is an easy, secure way to pay in stores, within apps, and online with your iPhone®, Apple Watch®, iPad®, and Mac. You can quickly check out using the devices you carry every day. Look for either of these symbols at checkout:


Google Pay

Google Pay™ is the fast, simple way to pay with your DFDFCU credit card in stores, in apps, and online. Use your eligible DFDFCU debit or credit card with Google Pay at a variety of merchants, in stores, in apps, and online. Look for either of these symbols at checkout:


Lost VISA® Credit Card: 1-833-574-3439
Dispute of VISA® Credit Card charges: 1-833-574-3436 

Traveling soon and planning to use your Visa credit card? Click here to fill out our secure Travel Notification form.

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Secured Loans

Share Secured Loan

Share secured loans are loans that are fully secured by your Share Savings or Money Market account at DFDFCU. This is a great way to maintain the balance in your account, plus you continue to earn interest on the savings pledged as collateral. A share secured loan can help you rebuild credit, finance expenses without depleting your reserves, or help to establish credit. Share secured loans can be obtained for terms up to 10 years and rates are based on the rate of the share securing the loan. We do not pull credit on a share secured loan. 

Certificate of Deposit Secured Loan

Certificate of Deposit secured loans is fully secured by your Certificate of Deposit (CD) at DFDFCU. The interest rate is based on the dividend rate you currently are earning on your certificate, and the terms of the loan equal the term of your CD. Like a share secured loan, a CD secured loan can help you establish credit, rebuild credit, or finance expenses without depleting your reserves. We do not pull credit on a certificate of deposit secured loan. 

*A Loan of $10000.00 at 2.55% APR for 36 months will have a monthly payment of $288.83. APR= Annual Percentage Rate.

Sallie Mae LogoStudent Loans

Wherever you are in your higher education, get the money you need for school. Student loans from DFDFCU in partnership with Sallie Mae® could help!

For borrowers attending a degree-granting institution.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Multiple repayment options
  • No origination fees; no prepayment penalty*
Borrow responsibly
We encourage students and families to start with savings, grants, scholarships, and federal student loans to pay for college. Students and families should evaluate all anticipated monthly loan payments, and how much the student expects to earn in the future, before considering a private student loan.

These loans are made by Sallie Mae Bank or a lender partner. DFDFCU is not the creditor for these loans and is compensated by Sallie Mae for the referral of loan customers.

Smart Option Student Loan and graduate loan products: These loans are for students at participating degree-granting schools. Smart Option Student Loan information is for undergraduates only. Graduate Certificate/Continuing Education coursework is not eligible for MBA, Medical, Dental, and Law School Loans. Students who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents must reside in the U.S., attend a participating school in the U.S., apply with a creditworthy cosigner (who must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident) and provide an unexpired government-issued photo ID to verify their identity. Applications are subject to a requested minimum loan amount of $1,000. Current credit and other eligibility criteria apply.

*Although we do not charge a penalty or fee if you prepay your loan, any prepayment will be applied as outlined in your promissory note—first to Unpaid Fees and costs, then to Unpaid Interest, and then to Current Principal. SALLIE MAE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY OR DISCONTINUE PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND BENEFITS AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE.

© 2021 Sallie Mae Bank. All rights reserved. Sallie Mae, the Sallie Mae logo, and other Sallie Mae names and logos are service marks or registered service marks of Sallie Mae Bank. All other names and logos used are the trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. SLM Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Sallie Mae Bank, are not sponsored by or agencies of the United States of America.

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Contact a DFDFCU Personal Banker to find the best loan product for you. 

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