Internet security is even more important when financial transactions are involved. A site (both financial and non-financial) is considered secure if all sensitive information that is transmitted between the Member's browser and the owner of the site is encrypted (scrambled so that someone looking cannot read it). At DFDFCU, we use encryption for Internet activity that involves the exchange of sensitive information. Encrypted features include Digital Banking, Bill Pay, Account Transfers, applications for loans and new accounts, and Email Us function on this site.


Information sent via the Internet may be used by DFDFCU for purposes like responding to questions, addressing Member suggestions, or updating Member information. When sending us Account information (such as Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, PINs, etc.) or other sensitive information online, use only the services listed above. Do not use your standard e-mail accounts to send the Credit Union sensitive information because that may not protect what you are sending.

Digital Banking

For Member protection, Digital Banking employs three forms of security:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication requires Members to authenticate themselves via an authentication code that is received through text or email. Security questions that are not known by anyone other than the individual Member will be required to be answered.
  • Data Encryption is a process that transposes the information sent from our server to your browser into a code that cannot be understood or altered without using a "key." The "key" deciphers the information from our server to be able to display on your browser. Our servers presently employ a minimum of 128-bit RSA data encryption. The latest versions of all Web browsers support this encryption.


Cookies are messages shared between Web browsers and Web servers. To deliver more customized service to our Members, DFDFCU uses cookies in several applications as well as to indicate acceptance of our Online Banking & Bill Payer Agreement. We do not link the cookie information that we receive with your name, Account Number, or any other personal information.

Fraud Education

Fraud Education

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