What’s New

Mobile App Compatibility Changes on June 25, 2017


Starting on June 25, 2017 the DFDFCU Mobile App will only be compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 and above and Apple iOS8 and above.


Please make sure your mobile device is updated with the most recent operating system to ensure you will be able to connect to the DFDFCU Mobile App.


Visa Checkout


DFDFCU is now happy to offer Visa Checkout, another secure way to pay online.  Just enroll your DFDFCU Visa cards, and look for the Visa Checkout button when you shop online. 


Take a look at the Visa Checkout website for more details, https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/visa-checkout.html. 


Most of the current merchants even offer incentives to use Visa Checkout!    


DFDFCU's My Money

DFDFCU's My Money offers you an easy way to manage your personal finances on-line, securely, and with the convenience of getting access to all of your online banking accounts and credit cards - in one place-DFDFCU.com.

It's not uncommon for people to have a checking account at one financial institution, a vehicle loan with a second lender, and an IRA at a major bank. Wouldn't it be great if you could track all of your personal finances from all of these different accounts with on easy-to-use tool?

That's the idea behind DFDFCU's My Money - a new personal finance management product from Denver Fire Department FCU. By using My Money, you can track all of your online banking accounts in one place - including the ones you have with us AND those you have with other financial institutions.

More than that, DFDFCU's My Money can track your income, expenses and financial goals when saving for a new vehicle, a new home, a fantastic vacation or even continuing education.

It's easy to get started today. If you are already signed up for Online Banking, please log-in and click on the My Money tab to get started. If you don't have Online Banking, call us at 303.228.5300 to enroll. DFDFCU's My Money - another way that DFDFCU is working to make banking a little easier.

CardValet Is Here....
CardValet from DFDFCU is ideal for our members who want to proactively control their debit card usage and spending while on the go. Control your debit card by turning it "on" or "off." Monitor your debit card transactions with real time balance inquiries. Establish transaction amount spending limits.* Block transactions for certain merchant categories like gas, hotel, travel etc.* Restrict transactions to merchants located outside of a certain range or your location.* Manage and review debit card usage for your dependents. Use interactive alerts letting you know when a transaction is approved, or exceeds pre-set limits, or when a transaction is attempted but declined. Getting started is easy! Simply download the Card Valet app from your mobile device and then customize your usage and alert settings. *Transaction amount spending limits, merchant categories, and GPS location restriction are subject to fraud policies and restrictions already in place with DFDFCU. For example, if the cardholder is in Spain, merchants in Spain will be automatically restricted no matter what setting the card user dictates through CardValet, as foreign country transactions may be blocked.