What’s New

Current Scam Alert

Members have reported receiving phone calls from individuals stating they work for the credit union. The callers leave a message stating recent transactions on your card may be seriously affected and ask you to call back and leave account information. DFDFCU employees will NEVER call you and ask for account information of any type. We will only verify account information with you when you call into the credit union for identification purposes.

Where Is an ATM Or Branch Location?

Members can now use the DFDFCU Mobile App to find CO-OP ATM and Shared Branching locations across the US. Over 34,500 locations can be found using the Mobile App.

Heartbleed Vulnerability Bug

DFDFCU evaluates its website and online systems for security threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. No systems have been comprimised due to the "Heartbleed Bug." The credit union always recommends to its members to follow best practice security measures which include deleting your browser cookies, and periodically changing your passwords.