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Prior to the creation of DFDFCU, firefighters struggled to find quality financial services focused on their particular needs.
Every day firefighters and their families were inundated with offers, mailers, and other marketing from Banks hoping to profit from firefighters.
One day DFDFCU was formed by a group of Firefighters with the core value of creating their own “bank” to serve their own needs.
Because of this group’s vision, simplified high value products were developed that blended low cost and expedient delivery methods, together with ongoing individualized support.
These products and this service provided measurable improvement to the firefighter’s financial services options.
Until finally, firefighters who became member/owners of DFDFCU couldn't quite remember how they ever managed before.

Who We Are


Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union is a not for profit, locally owned cooperative here to help you achieve your financial goals. The credit union was started by Denver Firefighters for professional firefighters in 1938. Today we still only serve professional firefighters and their families, keeping YOUR best interest at the forefront of our products and services offerings. Whether you need a checking account, a place to grow your savings, or a loan, look to your credit union – built, owned, and run by the men and women you serve with each day.

Who Can Join?

Are you a Firefighter in the State of Colorado? You are eligible to join!

If you are a voting member of union locals that are members of the Colorado Professional Firefighters or if you are an employee of the Denver, North Washington, South Metro, West Metro or Frederick/Firestone Fire Departments - you and your family are eligible to join DFDFCU and have access to all of our services. Once you become a member you and your family will enjoy lifetime membership, even if you change jobs or relocate, as long as you keep your savings account open and in good standing.

Benefits of Membership include:

Unlike banks that are operated to maximize the profits of their stockholders, DFDFCU is designed to improve the financial well being of all our members. Our profits are returned to you in the form of:

  • Higher interest rates and dividends on savings
  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Fewer fees
  • Many FREE services!

How to Open an Account:

Apply Online or stop by our branch to set up your account. You will need $25.00 to put in a share/savings account. You will also need to present 2 forms of Identification and have your Social Security Number. If you want a joint owner on the account, we will need the same information for them.

How are my Accounts Insured?

Credit union deposits are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The NCUA coverage for credit unions is the same as the FDIC coverage for banks. Both funds are backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government. This is the backbone of banking safety for consumers and it applies to your credit union savings, checking, money market, certificates, trusts or retirement accounts.

Find out more about the insurance fund.

Board of Directors

Members of our board of directors have the responsibility of governing the Credit Union. Below is a description of the purpose, duties and functions of a board member according to Board Policy.


To maintain the general direction and control of the Credit Union.


To work with management in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling the Credit Union. These functions may be delegated to the President/CEO but the board is responsible for the end result.


To establish the philosophy and the policies of the Credit Union, to advise, to serve as trustees and to perpetuate the progress of the Credit Union.

2018 Board of Directors

Serving DFDFCU since: Name: Title
2003 Scott Simpson Chairman
2007 Ed Zoltay Vice Chairman
2004 Kerry Wersch Secretary/Treasurer
1979 Frank Pohs
1980 John Giese
2004 Dan Doyle
2006 Mark Hallock

Supervisory Committee

Serving DFDFCU since: Name: Title
2011 Bob Vallero Chairman
2011 Steven Ellis
2014 Phil Cordova
2017 Michael Somma

What's New

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