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Regular Savings

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Regular Savings Accounts at Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union are called "Share/Savings Accounts". The share/savings account is referred to as your “share” account because every member has one ownership “share” in the Credit Union. Your ownership "share" of Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union begins when you open a share/savings account and deposit a minimum of $25.00.

Member accounts are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Dividend earnings on share/savings accounts are determined using the average daily balance method which applies a periodic rate to the average daily balance in the account compounding and crediting the account on a monthly basis. Members should review the Truth In Savings disclosures for all dividend payment agreements.

Direct Deposit:

The Automatic, Convenient, and Confidential Way to Get Your Money Into Your Account!

Direct deposit is the fast, secure way to automatically have your paycheck, retirement check, or any recurring automatic payment deposited into your Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union checking or share/savings account. And, you'll still receive a pay statement from your employer, enabling you to keep accurate records.


Sign up for FREE E-Statements Today!

E-Statements are a 100% free, convenient, and secure service that provides online access to your Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union account statements. Your E-Statements include all the same information as a paper statement, with the benefit and security of no paper statements through the mail. E-Statements are much safer than mailed paper statements and are completely secure when you access them via our website 24/7.

Benefits of using E-Statements:

  • Receive statements faster and safer than through regular mail
  • View your statements in easy-to-read PDF format 24/7 - when it’s convenient for YOU.
  • Benefit the environment while reducing Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union's operational expenses from printing and mailing statements - thus allowing us to offer lower rates and additional services.

*Account qualifications apply. Reference the Membership Agreement and Disclosures document for additional account information. Any dividend rates disclosed for a share savings account are disclosed in APY – Annual Percentage Yield. Additional fees may apply to the savings account based on usage and account balance. Please review DFDFCU’s Fee Schedule for additional information (Fee Schedule should be linked to our fee page)

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