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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is In Colorado----More Important Debit Card Info You Really Should Care About

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This upcoming Monday, October 3rd is DFDFCU’s debit card conversion day – the day you can activate your new debit card and begin using it.

I will be honest and let everyone know my confidence in our current partner providing timely and accurate data files and connections continues to keep me up at night. This of course is why we are moving to a new provider, but must first clear this last hurtle moving away from our current provider.

Our team has tirelessly been finding and working to fix mistakes the last several weeks. Whether you received multiple cards, cards with misspelled names, cards with no business name, or no cards at all, we’ve worked every day since our current provider uploaded the first full file to correct errors and ensure you have a working debit card.

With that being said, I fully expect to have limited functionality problems on Monday the 3rd based on our credit card conversion experience earlier this year. Please be patient with our team as we work to correct the situation.

The following are important updates:

  • CardValet will be turned off by our current provider the morning of Friday the 30th. We are currently testing debit cards in CardNav as I write this email and hope to have debit cards working in CardNav shortly.
  • During this weekend, your current debit card will have a $1,500 single purchase limit and a combined $1,500 aggregate daily limit. I made that decision as I did not trust our current provider to make system changes properly.
  • If you have multiple cards and do not know which cards function from which account or subaccount you have, please call in on Monday or Tuesday and our team will help you determine the pairing of multiple cards and accounts. We are training our team regarding this situation as I write.
  • Most likely, if you had a misspelled card, business name missing, or were sent multiple cards, you have received a separate email detailing how DFDFCU corrected the mistake. Again, misspelled cards and cards missing business names WILL WORK on the 3rd. You can activate and use this card if you did not receive your new/corrected card already.
  • For those members who have called in unhappy regarding the “look” of the new card. This was 100% due to supply chain issues. At the time DFDFCU began this project, blank chip cards with tap functionality were unavailable for up to 18 months. We made the decision to use a stock image so you would receive a new card on October 3rd. We did not consider “ugly” or “pretty” but instead considered a card background that made it easy to see your card numbers, expiration date, and other information. We will discontinue the “horses” image moving forward due to the much larger number of member complaints we’ve received regarding an inability to read numbers on the card due to colors in the image. New image options will be available in 2023.

I will apologize ahead of time for any frustration you may encounter on Monday. DFDFCU converted credit cards because of how often your transactions were declined in addition to no 24/7 363 support, no fraud support, and a very limited rewards program. We are converting debit cards to enhance fraud support, to provide you with a 24/7 363 CO-OP call center, to improve functionality with digital wallet options, and to support tap functionality. Both changes have created frustration, but I believe in the end, both changes will put a better functioning card with more support in your hands.

I will be working with the team all weekend and of course will be here all day Monday to ensure any problems are solved as quickly and with as little frustration realized as possible.

In Service,
Michael Kerr

More Important Debit Card Info You Really Should Care About

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New Debit and H.S.A. Cards Coming Soon!

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